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BBM App Excellent Features: BBM for pc

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BBM features: BBM is one of the best messaging app and now it also available as BBM for pc, BBM for Android , BBM for iOS, BBM for Mac. BBM app is initially launched only for the Black Berry mobile. BBM app  more than 85 million people around used in this world.As a perfect open app, BBM offers ultimate features and options which are not available in other apps of this genre. BBM,now specially designed for windows phone. BBM is the best way to connect and share instant messages, pictures and more for free, in real time—all with speed, control and privacy. Note: some features are not available for all devices
bbm features

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1)Messaging Feature:

bbm  features

bbm app send and receive that unlimited messages in at on mint us. Retract a message to remove it from your BBM chat. Get the Timed and Retracted Messages Subscription for unlimited message retractions. On BBM, ‘D’ means delivered and ‘R’ means read. It’s simple and clean, the way a chat app should be bbm app add private chat.

2)File sharing

bbm features
 Most mobile messaging apps contain some degree of file sharing. Sharing videos or MP3 files on BBM involves more steps - go to a video/MP3 on your phone and select BBM to share it with a BBM contact. Also, contacts and locations are something BBM does not let you share. BBM send file such as documents,photos, videos up to 16MB. share multiple contacts at once.

3)Status and profile

bbm features

BBM app choose in personal profile pictures and personal status. BBM profile structures that support custom status messages and profile pictures.Status in changing in easy to change the status and profile.

4)Emoticons and professionalization

bbm features
BBM app send unlimited emoticons stickers. BBM has access to about 600 hidden emoticons. BBM also enjoys a few other points of personalisation. BBM comes with 90 core emoticons. BBM app use the hidden our personal chat and important files.

5)Group chat

bbm features
Group chats can be easily created and can easily chat in group. It have the Broadcast feature as in whatsapp, which will share your messages to all of your friend. Groups on BBM can also host multiple separate conversations, which is great for larger groups.
bbm features

bbm for android app share the location and search the location.In important feature for bbm app.
mostly this app in use  for people.Recently crossed the 500 million user marks
bbm features

BBM message chat in private chat. BBM is much more secure and offer more privacy.
8)BBM app use for all type mobile phone
9)unlimited stickers available in bbm app
10)Highly optimized for nokia lumia 535
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